How often do we hear companies say “people are our strongest assets”?
Well, most companies nowadays include this sentence in one way or another in their internal and external communication. And how often do companies have a clear investment strategy when it comes to the development of these strongest assets? Certainly, those that set themselves apart from their competition do. They understood that growth does not happen out of thin air. Nor is it the result of “one-off training gifts”, given to those who showed good performance. This is why Jump believes in a much more comprehensive approach, in which training solutions are seen as investments to support your organizational change and growth strategy.

Jump is specializing in creating interactive, highly engaging training solutions to drive for sustainable behavioural change of your key talent.

In leadership development programs, Jump is cooperating with one of Belgium’s fastest growing providers of training, coaching and consulting
solutions, SBS Skill BuilderS ( Since September 2012, SBS Skill BuilderS has an international partnership for the Benelux countries with The Table Group, the company of Business Thought Leader Patrick Lencioni. He is the author of best sellers such as “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team”, The Advantage” and “The Ideal Team Player” (see also

For sales skills development, Jump believes in an integrated learning path, constructed out of individual learning blocks and implemented over several stages. After an in-take discussion, we assess the current competence level of your sales force and create learning experiences deployed during actual class room training days, bridged by learning tasks in between these. Evaluations with participants and their Managers before and after completion of the full training cycle ensure a more objective assessment of the return on investment.

Specific attention is directed towards the active involvement of the Line Management. Only through co-ownership of Manager and Employee do we believe that sustainable behaviour change can be achieved. Application of learned skills during and after the learning path is crucial for lasting impact.

Each training program can be supported by individual coaching to further strengthen the professional and personal development of your key employees.