f e a r   n o t h i n g

Stress and stress related illnesses are taking an ever bigger toll on individuals and companies alike. Topics, not even known some years ago, like burn-out and bore-out are in everybody's mouth. Absenteeism is soaring and is costing companies dearly in terms of productivity and longer-term employee engagement.

At Jump we believe in a healthy balance between professional and private life and we actively work on ourselves and with our customers to achieve this. Here we cooperate with Eqilibre (www.eqilibre.eu), a company dedicated to transmitting the ancient wisdom of Tai Chi Chuan and Qi Gong. We also use the millenium old technique of mindfulness meditation to achieve full awareness.

Though, physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are most welcome by-products of meditation (static or in motion), it is awareness above all that we seek. With full awareness of physical sensations, emotions and thoughts, we are able to accept who we are and to develop a strong capability of compassion for ourselves and others. This is the basis from which we can grow as human beings.

More mindful people can become more mindful leaders, who create an environment in which employees can fully engage with their job and their company. This will break the negative spiral initiated by perceptions of stress and disharmony.

There are many possible ways in which you can benefit from our services. Shorter sessions of e.g. 2 hours of mindfulness meditation or Tai Chi Chuan & Qi Gong can be integrated into your off-site events, workshops or training programs. To support more structured well-being initiatives, the standard 8 week mindfulness cours (as developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn) can be organized in your companies. Finally, also individual sessions can be organized, at a venue of your choice or the offices of Jump.