Too often we catch ourselves being stuck with a thought or a problem, simply not knowing how to go on. Why is there so much tension in my team? Why is it so difficult to get buy-in from other departments for my brilliant idea? How can I build a meaningful network in my company? Why am I constantly stressed? How can I find a better balance between my professional and private life? What are the most interesting career options for me right now?

The list of questions is endless. The group of people to discuss these with, is unfortunately not so. Your partner? Too involved. Friends? You want to talk with them about something else than work. Your boss or colleagues? No way, you do not want to show your weakness!

Here is where coaching comes into the game. At Jump, we strongly believe that asking for help and advice is a strength, not a weakness. It shows a level of awareness and courage that is needed, if one is to progress on the challenging, yet rewarding path of personal or professional growth.

Following the philosophy and techniques of the Training & Coaching Square (, member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), Jump is offering coaching sessions for individuals, either as part of a corporate development program or out of their own initiative.

Coaching sessions generally take 1.5 to 2 hours and can be held at a venue of your choice or at the offices of Jump. It is advised to engage in a coaching program of at least 3-5 sessions in order to set clear objectives, agree on smart actions and a proper follow-up to ensure a successful implementation.

All discussions between you and your and coach rest 100% confidential and are purely destined to broaden the your perspective on a subject of your choice. These are moments when there is no performance pressure, no right and no wrong. When you can take a step back from your usual rhythym, to shed new light on troubling questions and unsolved issues. It is an essential opportunity for you to engage your coach as a “sounding board” for ideas, before they reach the status of implementation.

You can consult Jump on professional, as well as personal issues. We believe that all the answers and resources you need are already within your reach. It is our task to help you find them.