Jump - Training, Coaching & Consulting Services

Sascha Klenke

Jump is offering you three very distinctive and yet complementary services:

Every business is unique. That is why we create training solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of your company. We use creativity and over 20 years of industry experience to design challenging and fun experiences that support the future oriented development plans for your personnel.
Every person is unique. That is why we believe in the power of individual coaching to broaden established perspectives. We support you in taking the necessary steps to leave your comfort zone and to progress on the rewarding path of professional and personal growth.
Everything is in constant change and it is easy to get overwhelmed. That is why we promote a more mindful approach to life as such and your chosen career in particular. The first step to taking charge and accountability for your own success is becoming fully aware of your situation and the challenges you face. Then you can take action.

Our mission and values:

Mission: It is our mission to support our clients in their quest for professional and personal growth. We facilitate the necessary steps to leave their comfort zone and to fear nothing. We equip them with the needed skills and confidence to weather all challenges they might face.

Values: We believe in honesty & integrity, respect & courtesy and a healthy balance in life.

Our motto “fear nothing”, which is also featured in the company logo, is all about daring to risk the jump out of your comfort zone and into the unknow. It is born out of a deep understanding that change, once embraced, offers more chances than pitfalls.

Short description of Sascha's career history:

  • Since January 2017 Sascha is dedicating his experience and passion in people development to offer training, coaching and consulting services to companies and individuals alike.
  • Over the past 20 years, Sascha has created a successful career in three industry leading multinationals: HILTI, KONE and SCHINDLER.
  • He has worked in a variety of areas, such as General Management, Sales & Sales Management, Key Account Management, Product Line Management, Marketing & Communications, Business Line Management and Logistics.

  • Over this period, Sascha specialized in running leadership development programs, managing cultural change, facilitating workshops, deploying sales performance programs, mentoring & coaching of talent and internal & external communication on all levels of organisations.

  • Sascha is an international player through and through, having lived in several european countries (Germany, Spain, England, Belgium, the Netherlands) and having worked in many more places across the globe (most EU countries, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Russia, Turkey, USA, China, India, Singapore etc.).

  • When you meet Sascha, you will engage with a hands-on, dynamic person with a strong sense of cultural diversity and a good sense of humor. His warm approach creates an immediate atmosphere of trust, in which people can open themselves to new ways of thinking and doing. People appreciate his uncomplicated and interactive style that challenges the status quo and drives for lasting behavioural change and higher performance.

  • Though energetic and powerful in class room trainings, coachees will find in Sascha an attentive and patient listener who is able to get to the essence of a subject.

  • His practice as a Tai Chi Chuan and Mindfulness Meditation teacher is providing him with a solid grounding in this ever faster changing world. This makes him a valuable business and discussion partner in times of turmoil.